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Santosh Kumar Mishra
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Santosh Kumar Mishra
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Journal of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development

Canadian experiences in sustainability in agriculture and climate change

Santosh Kumar Mishra

Technical Assistant, Population Education Resource Centre (PERC), Department of Continuing and Adult Education and Extension Work, Patkar Hall Building, S. N. D. T. Women's University, 1, Nathibai Thackersey Road, Mumbai-400020, Maharashtra, India, Email: drskmishrain@yahoo.com, Tel.: +91-022-22066892 (O) +91-022-28090363 (R) +09224380445 (M)

Accepted 03 September, 2015.

Citation: Mishra SK (2015). Canadian Experiences in Sustainability in Agriculture and Climate Change. Journal of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, 2(3): 038-045.

Copyright: © 2015 Mishra SK. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are cited. 


Agriculture has changed dramatically, with food and fiber productivity soaring due to new technologies, specialization and government policies. These changes allowed fewer farmers with reduced labor demands to produce the majority of the food. It is in this context that the concept of “sustainable agriculture has come into existence. The severity of climate change has motivated strong scientific inquiry within the past decade. These mysteries have largely to do with the unpredictability of climate change, which varies widely across the globe. Many scientists argue that climate impacts are best understood on a regional scale. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to assess regional impacts of climate change due to various reasons. The tools at the disposal of those interested in building up resilience to climate change are therefore often limited, but some degree of speculation can be achieved through research. This paper aims to: investigate the potential impacts of climate change on Canadian agriculture, and assess the possible effects of these changes on the prevalence of sustainable agriculture. The paper concludes that while few predictions have been made on the specific impacts of climate change on sustainable agriculture, possible scenarios can be speculated based on the multitude of climate change studies.

Key Words: Sustainable development, agriculture, climate change, Canada, global trade, mitigation, water availability, and agroforestry.