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Ir. Mubashankwaya Isaac
Manyange Nyanchiri Remmy
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Ir. Mubashankwaya Isaac
Manyange Nyanchiri Remmy
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Journal of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development

Impact of Village Saving and Loan Associations (VSLAs) in Rubengera Sector – Rwanda

Ir. Mubashankwaya Isaac*, Manyange Nyanchiri Remmy

Accepted 02 May, 2017

Citation: Isaac M and Remmy M (2017). Impact of Village Saving and Loan Associations (VSLAs) in Rubengera Sector – Rwanda. Journal of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, 3(1): 176-183.

Copyright: © 2017 Isaac and Remmy. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are cited.


The study aimed at studying the impact of VSLAs on sustainable development of rural population of Rubengera Sector in Karongi District. A sample of 92 respondents were selected from the study population of 2400 members of VSLAs in the study area using Alain Bouchard formula. The respondents were selected with the help of simple random sampling techniques. Data collection instruments included observation, focus group discussion, questionnaire and documentation. After the collection of data, it was processed through editing, coding and tabulation; then analyzed with comparative and statistical methods with the help of SPSS. After data analysis and interpretation of the results, the researcher found out that VSLAs helped in the financial inclusion of different categories. According to the profile of the respondents, the researcher found that VSLAs included women, men and youth, people with different academic levels and professions.

In conclusion, all 92 sampled, 100% of the respondents confirmed that since the adoption of VSLAs, there have been positive changes that have characterized the socioeconomic development of the rural population in the study area. The sampled members of VSLAs confirmed that after joining VSLAs, livelihood status have improved such as improvement in school enrolment, better health status, better housing and improvement in income level. Furthermore, findings revealed that after joining VSLAs, most of the members have shifted to upper categories of Ubudehe program.

Key words: Impact, VSLA, Rubengera Sector, Rwanda.