Evaluation and Demonstration of Irrigation Regime on Hot Pepper (Capsicum Annuum L.) in Benna-Tsemay Woreda, Southern Ethiopia

Tadesse Mugoro Lebiso and Medhin Madebo Mada

Southern Agricultural Research Institute, Jinka Agricultural Research Center, Jinka Ethiopia


Accepted Accepted 5 April 2021


Citation: Tadesse ML and Medhin MM (2021). Evaluation and Demonstration of Irrigation Regime on Hot Pepper (Capsicum Annuum L.)  in Benna-Tsemay Woreda, Southern Ethiopia. Journal of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, 2(1): 14-19.


Copyright: © 2021: Tadesse and Medhin. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are cited.

A field experiment was conducted at Enchet kebele in Bennatsemay woreda Southern Ethiopia for two consecutive years during (2017 and 2018) in order to determine the optimum irrigation scheduling and water use efficiency of hot pepper under a conventional furrow irrigation system. The experimental design of treatments was laid out in randomized complete block design (RCBD). The trial has four levels of treatments (125% MAD, 100% MAD, 75% MAD and farmers practice).The experimental result shows that highest total yield was obtained from 125% MAD (23.15 ton/ha) as compared to other treatments; 100% MAD (18.97 ton/ha), 75% MAD (14.47 ton/ha) and farmer practice (11.63 ton/ha). The result indicated that, total yield of hot pepper was decreased with decreasing applied irrigation water. The highest water use efficiency (37 kg/ha-mm-1) was obtained from treatment level of 125% MAD and lowest water use efficiency (27.52kg/ha-mm-1) was obtained from farmer practice. Therefore, application of 125% MAD level was appropriate to increase economic yield of hot pepper and water use efficiency in the area. But, in water scarce areas like Benna-Tsemay woreda and other areas applying the recommended fraction (100% MAD) of crop water requirement is advisable with a minimum reduction of yield.

Key Words: Irrigation Regime, Hot Pepper, Water Use Efficiency, Allowable Depletion

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