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Taghi Vahidi*
Mohammad Reza Daraei
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Taghi Vahidi*
Mohammad Reza Daraei
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Global Journal of Management and Business

Designing a conceptual model for analyzing the relation between strategic knowledge management and talent management strategy in profitability of the Southern Khorasan electric distribution company

Mohammad Reza Daraei and Taghi Vahidi*

Accepted 11 July, 2014.

Citation: Mohammad Reza Daraei and Taghi Vahidi (2014). Designing a Conceptual Model for analyzing the relation between Strategic Knowledge Management and Talent Management Strategy in Profitability of the Southern Khorasan Electric Distribution Company. Glo. J. Manag. Bus., 1(1): 014-020.

Copyright: © 2014 Daraei and Vahidi. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are cited.


In the current competitive world of business, setting the organizational goals may be performed considering strategy, knowledge, and talents together with directing these qualities in order to attain the main objective of the firm and make an attempt toward sustainable development. Among the important managerial factors which are necessary for sustainable development of an organization, the concepts of Knowledge Management or Strategic Knowledge Management and Talent Management Strategy seem more critical in achieving the organizational goals. Since Profitability is a major goal of most global firms, we have analyzed some of the key variables which probably have positive impacts on profitability. Therefore, in this study, the components relating to the variables of Strategic Knowledge Management, Talent Management Strategy, and Profitability have been extracted after reviewing different literatures, and subsequently a conceptual model has been provided. For further researches, we also intend to define some hypotheses and prepare the related questionnaires for the aforesaid variables, and subsequently examine the hypotheses at the Southern Khorasan Electric Distribution Company (SKEDC). 

Key words: Strategic knowledge management, talent management strategy, profitability, conceptual model