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Sudhir Chandra Nath
Chris Wheatley
S.S.R.M. Mahe Alam Sorwar
Tanvir Ahmed
Harun -OR- Rashid
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Sudhir Chandra Nath
Chris Wheatley
S.S.R.M. Mahe Alam Sorwar
Tanvir Ahmed
Harun -OR- Rashid
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International Journal of Agricultural Marketing

Analysis of value chain of sweet potato in two districts of Bangladesh

1*S.S.R.M. Mahe Alam Sorwar, 2Md. Tanvir Ahmed, 3Sudhir Chandra Nath, 4Md. Harun -OR- Rashid, 5Chris Wheatley

1*,2,3,4 Seed and Agro Enterprise, BRAC, Bangladesh

5 International Potato Centre, Philippines

Accepted 26 August, 2015

Citation: Sorwar MA, Ahmed MT, Nath SC, Rashid MH, Wheatley C (2015). Value chain analysis of sweet potato in two districts of Bangladesh. International Journal of Agricultural Marketing, 2(3): 078-083.

Copyright: © 2015 Sorwar et al. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are cited.


Sweet potato plays a significant role in increasing food security and income for the poor farmers of Bangladesh. Sweet potato is mostly grown in the marginal lands of Bangladesh during the period of October to February. It is consumed in different forms e.g. boiled, fries and roasted. Sometimes it is also eaten as a vegetable in curry. The value chain of sweet potato is not well organized in Bangladesh. This study was carried out to analyze the existing value chain of sweet potato in two selected districts of Bangladesh. Quota sampling technique was used to select the samples and primary data were collected through Individual Interview (II), Key Informant Interview (KII) and Focus Group Discussion (FGD) by using structured, open and close ended Questionnaires and check list. Simple descriptive statistics were used to analysis the data. Core value chain actors in sweet potato value chain are input seller, farmers, local trader, retailer and consumers. Mostly farmer cultivates local variety of sweet potato and get a profit around BDT (Bangladesh currency) 30,000 per acre of land. Local trader collects sweet potato both from farmer’s field and local market. There are no fixed traders or retailers of sweet potato in the study area. They mostly sell sweet potato along with other vegetables in both urban and local big market. Analysis found that both the trader and retailer gets BDT 3 profit margin by selling 1 kg of sweet potato. No sweet potato processing company was found in Bangladesh though there are huge possibilities and potentials of it in both rural and urban market.

Keywords: Value chain analysis, profit margin, sweet potato, Bangladesh