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Jamil Al-asmar
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Jamil Al-asmar
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International Journal of Literature, Language and Linguistics

The Handrail of Life - an Eastern Approach

Prof. Jamil Y. Al-Asmar

Professor at the English Department, Al-Azhar University, Gaza, Palestine.

Email: jamilpoetry@hotmail.com

This kind of new approach in English poetry throws lights and impregnates the air of the global readers, particularly, the western audience with such a sober and salutiferous steams as very much comforts the heads and refreshes the senses of all that breathes it over this world.

A moping lover would grow a pleasant fellow by entangling to the many philosophical lines that overflow with life as it is- its bitterness and joys alike. If the reader fairly considers the strength of what I have advanced in this collection, I am convinced then that my poems will produce a wonderful revolution in his notions and opinions concerning the East and the dwellers of the East, and he will be abundantly better prepared to receive and to relish the concluding ideas and the shiny humble philosophy of the neighbor East through this miraculous treaties. The quality of poems I offer here cannot wholly be strangers to my readers- for they (the poems) touch the core of man’s heart showing and reflecting the real routes he is obliged to select as man is choice-less in the matter of his age, livelihood and his final destination. This is clear among the golden lines inscribed in this book.

I easily foresee that as soon as I lay down my pen to write my humble meaningful poems, I will have acquired a position and find a room in my readers’ mind. I therefore, fly for justice and relief into the hands of that great philosophical saddles as stores for the lovers of mankind. The pleasure is that when I see that my readers will immediately be pleased embracing, under the shadow of my speech, my poems which lightens me of the burden of liking or disliking.

Since my eyes are once opened, I am content to convey my running lessons for the peculiar advantage of my dear readers, and for the universal benefit of mankind. Therefore I hospitably consider the number of my guest-readers as welcomed into the core of my heart, the heart of the whole universe.