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International Research Journal of Surgery

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Publications in 2015


Research Article

Hirschsprung’s disease in adults: Clinical and therapeutic features

Noomen Haoues, Haithem Zaafouri*, Manel Mabrouk, Rabii Noomene, Mariam Bel Hadj Salah, Abderraouf Cherif, Ahmed Bouhafa, Anis Ben Maamer, Skander Mrad
[View Abstract][View Full Text PDF][Download Full Text PDF]pp. 009 - 017 (448 KB)

Publications in 2014


Case Report

Pancreaticoduodenectomy for pancreatic cancer in Jehovah’s Witness using inferior pancreatoduodenal artery first approach

Volodymir M Kopchak, Nina G Davidenko, Liudmila O Pererva, Andriy V Ratushniuk, Oleksandr O Kvasivka, Sergiy V Andronik, Kostiantyn V Kopchak
[View Abstract][View Full Text PDF][Download Full Text PDF]pp. 005 - 008 (303 KB)

Case Report

Sympathetic nerve trunk repair post schwannoma excision: Case report

Nitin Gupta, Arjun Dass, Surinder K Singhal, Amrinder Kaur, Hitesh Verma*, Madhvi Sondhi
[View Abstract][View Full Text PDF][Download Full Text PDF]pp. 002 - 004 (515 KB)