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Budiarsa Suyasa
Wahyu Dwijani
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Budiarsa Suyasa
Wahyu Dwijani
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Journal of Environment and Waste Management

Biosystem treatment approach for seaweed processing wastewater

*Budiarsa Suyasa and Wahyu Dwijani 

Accepted 19 January, 2015.

Citation: Suyasa WB, Dwijani WS (2015). Biosystem treatment approach for seaweed processing wastewater. Journal of Environment and Waste Management 2(2): 059-062.


Copyright: © 2014 Suyasa and Dwijani. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are cited. 


Wastewater obtained from the seaweed washing process often contains residual chemicals, as the seaweed is typically washed using chemicals. Here, we used a biosystem to treat wastewater obtained after seaweed processing. The research goals were to determine the effectivity and capacity of this biosystem for reducing chemical oxygen demand (COD), biological oxygen demand (BOD), and nitrites in the wastewater. We planted and prepared the biosystem bin, adapted the plants in the biosystem bin until they were ready for use, and we performed wastewater treatment using the biosystem either with or without the addition of an active bacterial suspension. The results show that addition of the active suspension significantly improved effectivity with respect to COD and nitrites (p<0.05). With respect to COD, BOD, and nitrites, the effectivity of the biosystem with an added active suspension was 83.9, 87.2, and 55.5%, respectively; the effectivity of the biosystem without the active suspension was 79.2, 83.3, and 38.7%, respectively. The capacity of the biosystem with an added active suspension was 13.226, 6.805, and 0.014mg/L/m3hour with respect to reducing COD, BOD, and nitrites, respectively; the capacity of the biosystem without an active suspension was 12.485, 6.496, and 0.009 mg/L/m3hour, respectively.

Keywords: Washing seaweed wastewater, biosystem, COD, BOD, and nitrite

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