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Articles Published in 2021

Scanning Electron Microscopic Structure and Composition of Urinary Calculi of Geriatric Dogs


Page: 00081 - 00087

Research Article
Published 31 Mar 2021

Articles Published in 2020

Prevalence of Abomasal Nematodes of Sheep’s in Jimma Municipal Abattoir, Ethiopia

Moges Asaye, Araya kassa Mengistu

Page: 00073 - 00080

Research Article
Published 21 Nov 2020

Estimation of Inbreeding Depression for Complex Traits: A Review

Etagegnehu Bzuneh, Tewodros Alemneh, Mabrate Getablew

Page: 00068 - 00072

Review Article
Published 07 Aug 2020

Histopathological Changes of Splanchnic Organs Induced by Fipronil Toxicity in White Leghorn Cockerels

Adhikari Dheeraj, Seema Agarwal

Page: 00062 - 00068

Research Article
Published 07 Aug 2020

Bovine Mastitis due to Coliform Bacteria, and Susceptibility to Antibiotics, Nigeria

Kenneth Nnamdi Anueyiagu, Grace Ayanbimpe, Eugene Ikeh

Page: 00054 - 00061

Research Article
Published 30 Apr 2020

Performance by Layer upon Substitution of Soybean Meal with Mung Bean Protein Concentrate

Ganga Maya Rizal, Jowaman Kajarern

Page: 00048 - 00053

Research Article
Published 31 Mar 2020

Articles Published in 2019

Major Causes of Organ and Carcass Condemnation in Cattle Slaughtered at Bahir Dar Municipality Abattoir, North West Ethiopia

Ananiya Simeneh, Chemere Ayenew

Page: 00049 - 00047

Research Article
Published 29 Jul 2019

Assessment of Ginger and Black Pepper as Feed Additives on Growth Performance and Carcass Traits of Broiler Chickens

Kelvin Uhunoma Aikpitanyi, R.O. Igwe, N.O. Egweh

Page: 00033 - 00038

Research Article
Published 30 Apr 2019

Articles Published in 2018

Site Effects on Energy, Phytonutrients and Anti-Nutrient Contents of Ruminant Feed-Grade Sugarcane Peels

Garba Saleh, F.G. Kaankuka

Page: 00028 - 00032

Research Article
Published 06 Oct 2018

Articles Published in 2017

Neutral genetic diversity preservation in a first-generation breeding population of Guinea pig

Alain Rene Atangana, Joachim Umba, Kashala Jean-Christophe, Damase P. Khasa

Page: 00018 - 00027

Research Article
Published 11 Dec 2017