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Usha Rani Singh
Arun Kumar Sharma
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Usha Rani Singh
Arun Kumar Sharma
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Medicine and Medical Sciences

Journal club in a teaching hospital of East Delhi

Usha Rani Singh and Arun Kumar Sharma

Accepted 13 September, 2014.

Citation: Singh UR, Sharma AK (2015). Journal club in a teaching Hospital of East Delhi. Medicine and Medical Sciences, 1(1): 002-007.

Copyright: © 2015 Singh and Sharma. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are cited.


Introduction:  Journal Club helps to keep up with the vast literature and improves critical appraisal skills.  As participation in journal clubs was decreasing a cross sectional survey to know the attitude towards journal club was conducted.

Materials and Methods:   A questionnaire comprising of 16 questions was mailed to the faculty and post graduate students. Each most desirable response was scored 4 and least desirable scored 0.

Results:  47% faculty and 52% students participated. Majority were in favor of journal clubs being held. 90% agreed that journal clubs increase self confidence in delivering talks. 92% wanted both the faculty and students to present journal club, the duration of which should not be more than one hour and not more than 3 articles are presented. Majority felt department work load did not hinder journal club participation. Giving copies of articles being presented before hand, elaboration of materials and methods and increased involvement of faculty were suggested. Workshop emphasizing role of journal club has lead to an apparent increase in attendance.

Conclusions:  Faculty and residents had a positive attitude towards journal club. Possibly decreased perceived importance of journal club and lack of push by motivated faculty led to decreased participation.

Keywords: Journal club, faculty, students, motivation, teaching hospital, review